Our Story

Here at Cypress Curbs, we come from humble roots, and in fact, we are a family owned and operated business that is run by a husband and wife team who are extremely passionate about what we do and the level of service we deliver to our customers.

This overwhelming amount of passion that we have for our business is evident from the roots of our business to the present, and even the future. In 2010, we began researching the ins and out of concrete border systems from the tools necessary to create these concrete border systems, to the highest quality products available, and even the best practices for bringing our customers visions to life. All of the research we conducted when planning the company was done to ensure that when Cypress Curbs began building concrete border systems for customers, nothing but the top products and equipment would be used, resulting in our customers getting the best results possible.

After four years of solid and extraneous research, Cypress Curbs was created and production began shortly afterward. We currently serve the Polk County area, which includes Brandon, Lakeland, Winter Haven and much more, but we are anxious and excited to begin being able to serve other regions in the Central Florida area.

At Cypress Curbs, our overall goal is to “make our customer’s dreams come true,” and to ultimately fall in love with their landscape. To make this vision a reality, we install our concrete border systems above and beyond what is considered “normal standards.” Our whole business is based on our devotion to our customers, and we take a lot of pride in making sure this is beyond evident.

Our reputation for our product and service speaks for itself, and most of the homeowner’s associations in the Polk County area know us by name and will highly recommend us.

We also invite you to explore our website for more information regarding the services we offer, aftercare instructions, and much more.

Our Mission

We want your landscape up to date! Take for example the unfinished yard pictured below. 2, 5 and 10 years ago lawn accents similar to the white rounded landscape stone was the go to choice for many. Now there is an alternative that holds up better, is classier, elegant and more appealing to the eye.

For further testimonials, feel free to check out our reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and even on our website.
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 863-624-1290, email us at cypresscurbs@gmail.com, or fill out our contact form.

In line with our customer-centric values, we promise to contact you within 24 hours or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Cypress Curbs created?

Cypress Curbs began as an idea in 2010, and with years of research under our belt, we began production in 2014.

What services do you offer?

We offer the following services:

Design – If you are interested in a specific shape and/or design, we will work with you to make these visions a reality. From creating a new garden or complimenting your current landscape, we offer years of experience in helping our customers achieve their landscape goals. If you are not certain as to what you are looking for, we are more than happy to help provide sources of inspiration via our previous work and any additional resources we feel will be beneficial to you.

Ground Preparation – Before any installing can occur, the ground must be properly prepared. This means designating any areas where we will be working, as well as spotting any issues that are a result of drainage. Cypress Curbs is also capable of adjusting the location of sprinklers, should any issues occur. Following this, we carefully remove any sod or other materials, then we tamp down the solid base, which results in an ideal surface for the concrete border system to live.

Concrete Fabrication – In addition to installing the concrete border systems, we also fabricate the concrete using a specifically engineered system. This system involves using only the highest quality materials that we will mix on-site to ensure that no issues with the concrete can occur.

Landscaping Suggestions – In addition to designing, preparing, mixing, and installing the concrete border systems, we also have the resources available to spruce up your landscaping if that is desired. Cypress Curbs works in conjunction with several of the top nurseries and landscaping companies in the Polk County area and would be more than happy to help you make your yard a personal sanctuary.

Top Quality Service –  We are aware we are not the least expensive option for concrete border systems in the Polk County area, but our reputation speaks for itself, and we promise to deliver the best service possible. We encourage all those interested in working with Cypress Curbs to read our testimonials on not only our website, but additional review sites like Facebook, Yelp, and much more.

Availability – At Cypress Curbs, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal when installing concrete border systems, and that means being available for our customers before, during, and after any work has been done. We can typically complete a concrete border system installation in one day, but should our customers have any questions whatsoever, we are available via phone, e-mail, and our contact form, and promise to get in contact with you within 24 hours or less.

Does Cypress Curbs provide any instructions for after care?

We know that sometimes our customers may have questions regarding how to take care of their concrete border systems following the installation and we offer in-depth instructions on the After Care section of our website. To view these aftercare instructions, click here.

Does Cypress Curbs offer a guaranty or warranty of some kind?

Due to the fact that our business model is based on the highest quality standards and the ultimate satisfaction of our customers, we are proud to offer a 1-year warranty against any workmanship or material issues.

That being said, should any problems occur due to workmanship or materials. We guarantee that we will assess and fix the situation in a timely manner, with no extra fees to the customer.